Adapted workshop – facilitators


Version three of this facilitation guide is open to interpretation of the best way, in your context, to conduct this discussion. Suggested ways to adapt the process would be to shorten content, lengthen session times, or change the way you discuss the questions (use video conference technology instead of in-person meetings, read different scripture passages, change the individual vs. group times, use flipchart paper, have participants draw their answers, use dot stickers, etc.).

No matter how you proceed, in order to fulfill the request of R 17-18, we need you to create a space where your assembly can listen to God, listen to each other, study scripture, reflect on the three questions of R 17-18, and fill out the survey. A fillable pdf of the survey can be downloaded here: It is vital that participants who commit to this process take part in all parts of the process: preparatory work, part one, part two, part three, part four, and conclusion.