Sample email for facilitators to send to participants

Dear future conversation partners,

Thank you for your willingness to participate in Listening Together, a discussion on biblical covenant for the Reformed Church in America. I am looking forward to walking with you through this discussion. [Indicate which process format you plan to use.]

Before you join us for the conversation(s) happening at [time] on [date] at [location], we have some homework for you! It is important that all participants to begin this discussion having gone through the same process to prepare. This preparatory material for Listening Together involves some reading and time of reflection, and should take you at least an hour. Instructions and a link to the material is available online here: [link]

On the day of our discussion, please bring your Bible, along with a laptop or tablet, which will be used to record your responses to various questions throughout the day. (You will need to be able to type, so a smartphone will not be ideal in this situation.) If you do not have a device like this available to you, I can provide paper copies of the questions for you to write your responses. These responses will be collected by the interim general secretary and used to determine the denomination’s next steps.

After our conversation takes place, you are strongly encouraged to take this process back to your communities. Have this conversation with other churches in your area. Connect with other consistories in different parts of the country. If this interests you, you’re invited to connect with your regional synod executive who can provide the Listening Together facilitation material.

I look forward to working and exploring together.


[facilitator name]